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Some favorite binge-worthy YouTube series'.

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I hope everybody is safe, healthy and avoiding cabin fever. 

A couple weeks ago, I shared some of my favorite online writers and thought it would be fun to do the same thing this week, but with video series. While writing tends to be my favorite medium to consume business content, over time I’ve found I usually prefer other channels when it comes to entertainment and culture.

Here are some of my favorites, all binge-worthy. I hope they help you pass the time during this quarantine!

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  • Music - Deconstructed: Deconstructed is a video series from Genius that profiles a producer telling the story behind one of their hit songs. Each episode is 5-10 minutes and dedicated to a single track. The series uncovers the samples, inspiration, collaborative process, and of course, actual beat-making of the title track. Along the way, the producer inevitably shares priceless anecdotes, discusses the reception and cultural relevance of the song, and shares stories about the artist. Genius is video-first, and this series is consistently great, even if you’re not a music-production geek. Some personal favorites are Kid Cudi's The Pursuit of Happyness and Ariana Grande's Thank U, Next.

  • Sports - Beef History: Beef History is a series from SB Nation chronicling an epic rivalry between two competitors. Sometimes petty, sometimes serious, it’s always entertaining, in part thanks to comical narration from Seth Rosenthal. In the course of describing the history of a particular beef, the SB Nation team does copious research to uncover forgotten “he said, she said” moments, and unveil the true depths of mutual hatred that you won’t find on ESPN. As someone who literally can’t get enough 90’s NBA nostalgia, some of my favorites are Jason Kidd vs Jim Jackson, Charles Barkley vs Charles Oakley, and Chris Webber vs Jalen Rose

  • Movies - Lessons from the Screenplay: Lessons from the Screenplay is a series that examines movie scripts to understand what makes great storytelling. Typically around 10-minutes per episode, the series is incredibly well-done and will give you a new appreciation for screenwriting. The only time I don’t watch an episode is if I haven’t seen the movie, and many times my desire to watch the episode will actually get me to watch the movie. Some of my personal favorites are The Shining, Gone Girl and Good Will Hunting

  • Culture - Nerdwriter: Last, but not least, is Nerdwriter. Nerdwriter is the most wide-ranging series on this list, often hitting on music, movies, television, and art. Each episode is usually between 5-10 minutes, masterfully edited, and focused on a specific theme. I could honestly recommend any of these, they’re all so good, but some of my all-time favorites are Parasite’s Perfect Montage, Lauryn Hill: 20 Years of Relevance and Hopper’s Nighthawks: Look Through the Window. While the other video series’ have a relatively limited backlog, Nerdwriter goes way back, and I’d encourage you to explore the catalog as there’s almost a guarantee you’ll find something you’re into.

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